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Formwork shutters for Fiona Stanley and Capital Square – Tower 1:

For this project, our design team worked closely with the client from the outset to ensure that the initial design of the shutters was true to the customer’s brief.

Constructed in various lengths and radiuses, the shutters were to be used as formwork on both of the client’s sites. Under other circumstances, timbers would most likely be employed to form up the areas to be concreted. The benefits of this type of shutter became obvious when they were set up to facilitate the pour and during their removal after pouring.

Apart from the savings in time and the accuracy of the formwork, the shutters are also reusable for other projects, making still further and future cost savings.

This project was yet one more example of the diverse range of applications that our expert steel fabrication and metalworking services can provide. If you are planning any type of project in the near future, speak to us first, because our steel fabrication services can be applied to a variety of different purposes.
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