Expert laser cutting in Perth

If accuracy is paramount in the design and fabrication of your metal products, then you are in safe hands with the team here at C & S Sheetmetal. Through the use of the latest plasma and laser cutting technology, we can achieve metal cutting to the finest tolerances across a diverse range of metals and thicknesses.
Precision laser cutting
Metal cutting has come a long way since the days of an Oxy Acetylene torch and an angle grinder. Using our computer-aided plasma and laser cutting equipment, we can precision cut complex shapes without warping or damaging the base materials. From stainless steel and aluminium to mild steel and other materials, we can cut up to typical thicknesses of 20mm, but thicknesses may vary dependent upon the material being cut.
Contact the plasma and laser cutting experts
Whatever project or product you are planning to fabricate, we are confident that you will benefit from talking to one of our expert team before you commit. Thanks to 28 successful years within the metal fabrication industry and over 40 years of combined experience within our team, we can provide the workable solutions that you need. Our expert team is here to ensure a successful and cost-effective outcome to whatever they are engaged for.


View our laser and high definition plasma cutting gallery below

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