Expert metal bending in Perth

Thanks to our highly skilled operatives and our investment in the latest state-of-the-art computer technologies, we can bend sheet metal in lengths up to 3.7 metres. As with all of our metal working processes, our metal bending is carried out to the highest possible levels of accuracy to ensure that your products and fabrications are a perfect fit every time.
Metal bending using our Hydrabend 60-tonne press brake
With a pressing force of 60 tonnes and the capacity to accommodate sheet metals of up to three metres in length, our Hydrabend press brake machine will make short shift of all of your metal bending requirements. This highly versatile machine is ideal for a wide range of bending operations involving a variety of materials.
Our Scalen CNC press

If you need metals of up to 3.7 metres bent with the utmost levels of accuracy, you will be making good use of our Scalen press. This CNC press allows for the most outstanding levels of accuracy throughout the whole bending process. With a capacity of 100 tonnes, you can be confident that this outstanding machine provides our customers with all the bending capacity that your products and projects require.

When it comes to bending metal into the shapes that you need, we have the technology to do it right.


Metal Bending Gallery

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