Mild steel products in Perth

For cost effectiveness, durability, and ease of fabrication, mild steel products are still one of the most popular metal solutions for a diverse range of functional and decorative applications. Apart from providing a highly flexible medium to work with, mild steel products can be transformed to look absolutely stunning through the use of a wide range of finishes.
Treating mild steel products
While untreated mild steel is highly susceptible to corrosion, it can be transformed and more than adequately protected against the ravages of the environment if it is effectively treated and coated. Modern powder coating techniques offer a highly effective protective option for virtually any mild steel products that can be produced. The process provides both an attractive and chip-resistant finish that is designed to last for years.
The benefits of sandblasting mild steel products
The process of blasting mild steel and other metals with highly abrasive particles at high pressure is known as sand or shot blasting and it is highly effective for a number of reasons. It not only provides a highly effective key surface for either powder coating of a bare metal primers, but it also removes any corrosion from deep within the minute pits in the surface of the metal. Conventional methods such as wire brushing, sanding, and surface grinding only work on the surface area of mild steel and leave any loose materials and corrosion relatively untouched.


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