Stainless steel products fabricated in Perth

If you are looking for products that are highly resistant to the rigours of the Australian climate and even marine environments, then stainless steel is the ideal option. Our experts recommend the use of 316 marine-grade of this highly durable metal for all types of outdoor products that are going to be situated within 10kms of the ocean.
The diversity of stainless steel products
From kitchen benchtops and handrails to motor pump guards on oil rigs, this highly resistant metal has a wide range of uses. While more costly than mild steel, stainless steel becomes a more cost-effective option where longevity and harsh environments are concerned. In fact, stainless steel products have the ability to outlive most other metal options in virtually any environment where they are used.
A range of stainless steel options 

Among the many supply options for our range of stainless steel products, we include:

  • 2B (dull finish)
  • Satin/brushed finish
  • Mirror

All of these finishes are available in both 304 and 316 marine-grades for a diverse range of stainless steel products that are limited only by your imagination.


Whatever you require in the way of stainless steel products, our expert team has the resources and skills to make them a reality.

Call the experts in quality stainless steel products now on 08 9302 2206.
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